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Equipment and Lighting


When booking any service from a wedding photographer, wedding singer to an electrician in your home you expect them to bring the correct equipment they need to deliver a great job.


The saying “A good tradesman shouldn’t blame his tools for a bad job” couldn’t be more incorrect when it comes to music. When booking a singer or DJ the equipment they bring on the night and especially in the day can make the difference between people having a great time and an awful time.


No expense has been spared on the top of the range equipment that I use. My sound system has been manufactured in Germany by HK Audio who provide sound systems to artists and festivals throughout the UK including Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Glastonbury, V Festival and many more. You will receive the same level of professionalism and quality, but on a smaller scale to suit your venue. The microphone I use at every venue is a Shure Beta 58, to give you an idea of the sound quality, it is the same microphone that Michael Buble & X Factor uses when touring live.


I have it covered with the lighting as well! All lights are controlled, giving me the option to select different patterns and colours to compliment the style and tempo of the song. Not only therefore do you have a superb musical experience, but also a mesmerizing visual experience to captivate the audience.


Every venue is different and my equipment set up has been designed especially to adapt to different size rooms and shapes.




Prices may differ depending

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